How do you become a (Dutch) courtroom sketch artist?

Renée van den Kerkhof sitting in the court of Den Bosch with a tablet.
Photo by Joost Dijkman
One of the first courtroom sketches I made, during fake hearings
Courtroom sketch.
Courtroom sketch of Gökmen T. who shot several people in a Dutch tram in Utrecht.
Courtroom sketch. Left are his attorneys, in the middle you see the moping defendant, and in the back there is the public prosecutor.
Good example of my current paint-like style.
Notes during the Jos B. case. You can also see the screens and other measurements that are in effect since the COVID 19-outbreak.
Renée van den Kerkhof in a pink dress holding a big framed drawing with a defendant in a red suit and his attorney, in the court of The Hague.
Me holding a framed print of a courtroom sketch.
Shot from the fake courtroom sketch I made for the Undercover series.




Dutch illustrator and courtroom sketch artist.

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Renée / neetje

Renée / neetje

Dutch illustrator and courtroom sketch artist.

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